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Woman arrested for repeatedly harassing police for opening mobile phone service

Woman arrested for repeatedly harassing police for opening mobile phone service

Ohio: A 36-year-old woman, Saloni Khetarpal, was arrested last week in the US state of Ohio as she repeatedly called a police emergency 911 from her home’s landline, saying that her parents had given her mobile phone service. Which is a serious problem so the police should reach out to help them immediately.

Ohio police are also completely silent on why the parents of Saloni Sheriff stopped their cellphone service. However, it is said that she repeatedly called the police emergency number and told the officers there that the police should come to their house and restore their mobile phone service.

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When the helpers at the helpline made it clear to them that closing the mobile phone service on behalf of the parents was a domestic matter in which the police could not interfere, they took the stand that the mobile was stopped by the parents. The phone number is in use professionally which has not been working since it was shut down. Therefore, their case should be declared as an intervention police and prompt action should be taken.

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The argument was not enough for the police, so they were apologized but continued to call from their landline again and again. During this time, she not only became very angry but also called the police department very bad.

Annoyed by repeated phone calls and misconduct by Saloni, police arrested him for “disrupting public service activities.” The local court granted him bail for $ 2,500, but a trial is still pending against him, which is scheduled for February 27.

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