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WhatsApp users reach 2 billion

WhatsApp users reach 2 billion

MenloPark: The head of the well-known messaging application WhatsApp said in an interview that the number of users using the WhatsApp has grown to two billion.

One year ago, that number was 1.5 billion. However, this is still 50 million less than the Facebook app. In the interview, WhatsApp chief Will Keith Kart also revealed that the US government is under intense pressure to find a way to interfere with government encryption in encryption systems that ensure the privacy of WhatsApp messages.

Not only is the United States seeking access to WhatsApp messages, but the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand also want their law enforcement agencies to access WhatsApp.
“For centuries, humans have been sending and receiving messages on a private level, and even in the modern age, they should not lose this right to privacy,” the head of the Whatsapp said in the interview.

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