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The world’s smallest and least expensive MRI machine for sale

The world’s smallest and least expensive MRI machine for sale

California: US firm “HyperFine Research, Inc.” announced that it has received permission from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell its short and low-cost MRI machine. The company has also started placing orders on its website.

It should be noted that a typical MRI machine weighs about 6 tonnes and is very large in size, while the amount of electricity required to operate such a machine is sufficient for ten average Pakistani homes. In addition, the price of an MRI machine is also Rs.5 crore or more.

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This is why MRI installation requires special room and electrical phase connection, as is done in a factory. Similarly, it takes at least 15 hours to get the result of an MRI scan, while the cost of a simple MRI scan is between 25 and 30 thousand rupees.
Developed after six years of continuous research, this short MRI machine from Hyperfine solves all these problems at once. For example, its height is only 4.75 feet. It weighs only 635kg (that’s ten times less than the current MRI machine).

It is mounted on a small trolley that can be easily moved from one place to another and an MRI scan can be done by standing with the patient’s bed. It consumes 35 times less energy than the current MRI machine, while it can be scanned in just two minutes, which can be viewed immediately on the iPad.

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In terms of price, the cost of hyperfine is also 20 times lower than that of conventional MRI machines. That is, if an MRI machine is currently worth Rs 5 crore, it will only be available for Rs 25 lakh. In addition, it is expected that the scanning cost of Rs 20,000 from conventional MRI machines will be done in less than Rs 1,000.

Hyperfine’s chief medical officer, Dr. Khan Siddiqui, called it a revolutionary medical invention, saying that now advanced MRI scanning technology will also be available to those who have low financial status.

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