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Italy Corona virus kills 919 people a day, world death exceeds 27,000

Italy Corona virus kills 919 people a day, world death exceeds 27,000

The death toll from the deadly corona virus worldwide has risen to 27,365 while the number of patients has risen to 5,97,000, while in Italy alone 919 people died in a single day.

According to a foreign news agency, the deadly Corona virus has spread to 199 countries. So far, 27,365 people have been killed by this deadly virus, and the virus has been confirmed in 577,700 patients. One million 33,000 people suffering from corona virus have returned home after recovering.

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The virus has hit the United States in the worst-affected countries, where the number of infected people has grown to more than 100,000, and 1700 have died.
Italy is the most affected country in terms of fatalities, where 919 people have been killed in the last 24 hours, the highest number of deaths in a single day since the outbreak. A total of 9,134 deaths from Corona virus have been reported in this country.


5,138 in Spain, 3,295 in China, 2378 in Iran and 1995 in France have lost their lives through the Corona virus.

759 deaths were reported in Britain, 546 in the Netherlands, 350 in Germany, 289 in Belgium, 231 in Switzerland and 244 in South Korea.

Corona virus has caused lockdown in many countries, including Pakistan, roads and markets are depleted, tourist destinations are on the rise, trade centers are closed and business life is paralyzed, while the global economy is severely damaged.

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