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Dream Works created a unique underwater park instead of an open space

Dream Works created a unique underwater park instead of an open space

New Jersey: Waterparks are made around the world in the open, but now the world’s largest indoor water park is being opened this week by DreamWorks, an animation film company.

Rides, slippery and other recreational structures in this water park are inspired by the famous characters Kung Fu Panda and the co-op, while the children and the elder will also see the characters in the movie live.

According to Dream Works, it is North America’s largest water park, made as real as possible. Dream Works Water Park is another American Dream company, a New Jersey company, but the waterpark will be opened in a phased manner.
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It is to be noted that the entire park has been set up inside a huge glass building with no more than 40 water slides and rides. The entire rainforest of Madagascar is built here and the famous swamp of the co-film has been made. Famous places of Kung Fu Panda can be seen in the same place.

Another highlight of the water park is the Perfect Swell, which is one of the world’s largest swimming pools on one and a half acres where artificial waves are generated by machines, while also having the longest water slide, which measures 142 feet in height. Is broken

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In the same park there is a recreation site called “Nickelodeon University” while indoor skiing facilities will also be provided.

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