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What Is Corona virus?

Corona virus is newly formed and very dangerous disease all around the world, it’s started formed from Wuhan, China. World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Corona virus is generated from snakes, and its wan international disease all around world, currently, there are 192 countries are in attract of corona virus, Currently the high risk condition is going on in China and Italy, Italy Government Lock down to its people from not come out from Home, but also other countries are preventing from Corona virus, Pakistan have currently 25 cases of Corona virus which comes from Iran and China.

Corona virus barely affects young people, but it’s a respiratory disease and half of yawls lungs are ruined from vamping but go off.

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There is no any vaccine generated or develop yet by any countries yet, according to scientist there is no any medicine and vaccine which help us to safe from this. Scientist says that there is only one solution is that the heat of sun. Heat of Sun will helps to kill corona virus. Prevention and marks to know corona virus is given below,

How to Know the Person having a Corona virus?

There are some different types of marks to know corona virus,

  1. Flew
  2. Caught
  3. Head pain
  4. Vomiting

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How to prevent with this Corona virus?

There is some type of Tips which helps to safe from Corona Virus,

  1. Wash hands with soap/sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth with unwashed hands.
  3. Avoid crowded places & contact with sick peoples.
  4. Thoroughly cook meats and eggs.
  5. Do not share foods, cups, spoons, towels, etc
  6. Use face masks.

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