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Corona virus kills 22,000 worldwide, affects over 5 million

Corona virus kills 22,000 worldwide, affects over 5 million

There are 22,993 deaths from corona virus worldwide while the number of victims has exceeded 5 million 10 thousand.

According to data provided by the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of coronary virus cases in the world has reached 1 million 20 thousand 983.

The virus also devastated Spain after Natalie, where in the next 24 hours, another 555 patients died and more than 4,000 died. The total death toll in Italy has been 8,165 and more than 80,000 people have been affected. In the UK during the last 24 hours, 43 people died of the virus in Belgium.
After 231 deaths in France, the death toll has reached 31,321, with streets and public places being sterilized in various cities, including Paris. Unnecessary shops, parks and public places closed because of Corona in Russia until March 31. The total number of Corona virus victims in Europe has exceeded two and a half million.

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In the United States too, the Korna virus is spreading rapidly and the total number of patients has increased from 75,233 to Spain, and over 245 deaths have occurred since 265 deaths in 24 hours. New York City is the worst affected by the virus, a San Francisco city hoop, the US Senate approved a $ 2 trillion aid package to boost the economy. Last week, more than 3 million Americans turned up for the unemployment insurance program, according to the World News Agency.

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In Italy in the last 24 hours, the total death toll has risen to 8165 after 712 deaths and the victims have exceeded 80,000. In Iran, 22434 people have died from the Kurwana Wire and the number of victims has reached 29,406.

The Indian government has approved a package of Rs 23 billion for poor citizens. There are 719 confirmed cases of Corona virus in India and 16 deaths.

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