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Corona virus confirmed in Prince Charles

Corona virus confirmed in Prince Charles

London: Corona virus has been tested after a few signs appeared in British prince Charles, which came out positive.

According to the World News Agency, 71-year-old Wali Ehde Charles, Queen Elizabeth II’s son, showed some signs of nausea and cold after he was tested for the Corona virus, which came out positive. The prince had met several guests in the last two months and had also traveled abroad.

According to Prince Charles’s official residence Clarence House spokesman, the symptoms of the disease are still rare in Prince Charles, and Prince’s wife, Kamila Parker, has also been tested but has not been diagnosed with the virus.

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It is understood that members of the royal family of over 70 years, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, were quarantined in a crowded and quiet place, following which news also circulated that Prince William was king of the country. Can serve on

It should be noted that the number of coronary virus cases worldwide has exceeded 4 million while the number of deaths from this deadly virus has increased to 19 thousand, but the good news is that the deadly disease is over 100,000 More people have recovered.

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