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Corona virus confirmed in British PM Boris Johnson

Corona virus confirmed in British PM Boris Johnson

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was tested for Corona virus after a few signs showed up.

According to the British Broadcasting Agency, Prime Minister Boris Johns will also be among those affected by the Corona virus, after which the Prime Minister has taken his own quarantine but will continue to carry out domestic affairs through phone and video calls.

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In a video message on social networking website Twitter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that some minor symptoms were beginning to appear over the few days on which the Corona virus test which came out positive was going to isolation but domestic. Issues will continue through the video conference.

Prime Minister George Boris Johnson has been very active regarding the Corona virus and has had numerous meetings, met with foreign delegations and has been in touch with the royal family, which, on suspicion, is now also a test of key personalities including the cabinet. Will be done.

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Two days ago, the 71-year-old British prince Charles was also confirmed with the Corona virus, after which the prince was quarantined while the royal family had already been advised to quarantine royal members over 70, which were implemented. All events were canceled while doing so.

The Corona virus has been confirmed in more than 12,000 people in the UK, while the number of people killed by the deadly virus has exceeded 600, leading to a lockdown situation across the country and public places closed.

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