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Breakdown of the novel corona virus; recovered blood plasma

Breakdown of the novel corona virus; recovered blood plasma

BEIJING: Chinese experts have urged healers to donate their blood after the novel corona virus attack so that patients with the disease can also be exposed.

It is important to note that at present, more than 67,000 people worldwide have been infected with the novel corona virus, out of which 1526 have died and 8410 have recovered.

The physiological defense systems of all survivors naturally begin to produce proteins (antibodies) that, in the event of a novel corona virus attack, ultimately cure these patients.
According to medical facts, these antibodies will remain in the blood plasma of these individuals for several months to eradicate them as soon as a novel corona virus appears.

Although experts have not yet discovered these antibodies, they were convinced that if the blood plasma of those recovering from the novel corona virus was infected with the seriously affected patients, not only their The severity of the disease will decrease, but they can be healed sooner … as this blood plasma will certainly contain antibodies to defeat the novel corona virus.

In view of the same idea, scientists from China’s state-owned company “China National Biotech” donated blood plasma from a few volunteers who were fully recovered after being infected with the novel corona virus, which was applied to 10 patients who received the virus. Was seriously ill and unable to get out of bed.

The patients who received this donated blood plasma started to improve their health over the next 12 to 24 hours, scientists said. That is, corona virus-infected blood plasma can save the lives of many other patients.

The experience has received mixed reactions from all over the world. Some experts object that China should have recovered blood plasma from the healer after reviewing the matter from different perspectives, while some said the negative effects of transmitting blood plasma from one person to another. Which may not have been considered.

However, a section of medical experts say that China is currently experiencing a severe emergency due to the novel corona virus, and if there is a possibility but unreliable treatment is coming up in such a situation, there is no excuse to try it. no. Benjamin Cowling, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong, justified China’s strategy by saying that in the past, when the global outbreak of influenza was at its peak, many countries recovered from new influenza. The blood plasma of the outpatient has been applied to the patients so it is not an ineffective procedure at all.

It should also be noted that at present we do not have any regular and certified cure for the novel corona virus. However, a new vaccine is under way to control it, while on the other hand the vaccine for the old Corona virus (MERS) is being tested on monkeys. In both cases, vaccine availability will be possible from the next few months to 18 months.

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