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Battle of Corona: “Manual” ventilator invented in just ten days

Battle of Corona: “Manual” ventilator invented in just ten days

London: A British vacuum cleaner company has inaugurated a new ventilator in just ten days that will play a vital role in delivering medical help to patients affected by the Corona virus.

According to reports, “Dyson“, a British company that manufactures vacuum cleaners and other household products, has not only invented a new ventilator called “Covent” in ten days, but also commercially I have also planned a quick preparation.

This ventilator is very lightweight and short, which can be used for bedding, with all the work done in hospitals loaded with ventilators.
James Dyson, the founder and head of the company, says that a week and a half ago, he was phoned by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and asked if he could provide vanity letters and help the “National Health Service” there. To which he designed his team to design a new ventilator, ready to go into the production phase in ten days.

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The Dyson Company plans to immediately produce 15,000 ventilators out of which 10,000 will be handed over to British companies, while the remaining 5,000 will be donated to other countries.

What will be the cost per unit of this ventilator?
In response, James Dyson says that more important than setting prices right now is to meet the world’s emergency needs in the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that acute sufferers of the novel corona virus “Covid 19” find it extremely difficult to breathe, which requires a ventilator, but including the US and the UK, In most countries around the world, the number of ventilators is far less than the current requirement.

Hopefully, the Dyson Company’s ventilator will be a new help for us in the fight against this virus.

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